Badulla is the capital and the largest city of Badulla district of Uva Province of Sri Lanka. This is situated 5 hours 45 minutes’ away from the capital, Colombo and in the lower central hills of Sri Lanka. Badulla also a city surrounded by tea plantations and it is overshadowed by the Namunukula range of mountains. Badulla is not much an area where tour attractions are located but the specialty is Badulla is located on the way of the main attraction cities in Sri Lanka. So Badula is a city where automatically touched by tourist on their way. Some few attractions that we can find in Badulla,

·         Muthiyangana Temple
·         Kataragama Devalaya
·         Old Welekade Market
·         Dunhinda Falls
·         Bogoda Ancient Wooden Bridge
·         Halpewatte Tea Factory
·         St. Mark’s Church
·         Fox Hill Event
·         Demodara Railway Station
·         Dhowa Rock Temple

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