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Chilaw is a large town in Puttalam District of the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, and it is situated 80 kilometers north of the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo. The western side of Chilaw is covered with sandpits, facing the Indian Ocean. The majority of Chilaw residents are Tami, with large minorities of Buddhist and Muslim Sri Lankans. Mainly, Chilaw is popular with tourists for its nice coastline, and at the same time, the tourists who travel to Sri Lanka as pilgrims (especially Indian pilgrims) are really interested in Chilaw because it relates to the Rama and Ravana stories. And also, many famous Hindu temples and kovils can be seen. 
Sri Munneswaram Devasthanam: The temple complex consists of a total of five separate buildings and was dedicated to the Hindu gods.
Chilaw Silver Beach: A beautiful sandy beach where you can enjoy the sunset
Chilaw Sandpits: A sandy beach renowned as a location for bird watching by the Ceylon Bird Club.
Udappu is a Tamil fishing and shrimp farming village a few miles north of Chilaw.

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