Dambulla - World Heritage

Dambulla cave temple, Dambulla rock, Dambulla

Dambulla is a large commercial town situated in the north of Matale District, in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. And also, Dambulla is the second-largest populated and urbanised centre after Matale in the Matale District. It is situated 148 km north-east of Colombo. The most famous attractions in Dambulla are the ancient rock cave temples. The Golden Rock Cave Temples are also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Dambulla City is a famous tourist destination with a lot of splendorous sites, such as
 The cave temples 
 Ironwood Forest
 Rose Quartz Mountain 
 Megalithic cemetery together with    comfortable hotel facilities.
Most famous Dambulla golden rock temple and cave temple: As mentioned earlier, Rock Temple and the Cave Temple are the most famous sites in Dambulla. Both the temple and cave are located in the same place, so that is why they are both called the same name. There are more than 80 documentary caves around this area; of all those, only five are most attractive and contain statues and paintings.

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