Horton plains

Horton Plains National Park is located 63 Kilometers from Hatton and in Central highlands of Central province of Sri Lanka. Even though it is little bit off from the other tour sites, visiting the park makes you the drive worthwhile. Horton Plains is designated as a National park in 1988 and also it was declared as an UNESCO World heritage site in 2010.

Since it is a largely flat land, hiking the park is somewhat easy. The trail is about 9.5 kilometers loop and you will come across the park’s two main attractions. At the middle of the trail you will find the World’s End and Baker’s fall. World’s End is a cliff top which stretches out far beyond the surrounding plains and on a clear day, you can even see the shore. Specially, as we are a licensed travel agency from many years, we recommend you to going with a guide are more worthy, due to ensure the park’s details don’t get lost on you.

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