Kite surfing, Kalpitiya beach, Kalpitiya boat

Kalpitiya is a small village town, but makes up for it with the many activities and unique nature reserves in the area. Kalpitiya is most famed as being the best place in Sri Lanka for kite surfing. It attracts enthusiasts from all levels to test the winds on an exciting lagoon expedition. Besides being a heaven for kite surfers, Kalpitiya is also known to be a popular place for snorkeling, diving and dolphin watching excursions too. Kalpitiya is made up of 14 small islands. Mainly for locals it is the home for fishing communities as the waters around Kalpitiya are thriving with marine life. The attractions in Kalpitiya make it one of the more unique places in the western coast of the island. Kalpitiya will never stop to amaze the adventurous traveller.

Following are the things to amaze at Kalpitiya:

·         Go kite surfing at flat water lagoons
·         Tour the Dutch fort
·         Diving at Sri Lanka’s largest reef
·         Stand up paddle boarding through the mangroves
·         Wildlife spotting on land and sea
·         Mountain biking through the countryside

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