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Mirissa is a small town with a picture-perfect bay beach on the south coast of Sri Lanka, which is located in the Matara District of the Southern Province. It is nearly 146 kilometers away from Colombo. It is situated 4 meters above sea level. Mirissa beach and nightlife make it a popular tourist destination, with some other water sports like beach swimming, snorkeling, sport fishing, sea kayaking, cruises around the bay, etc.
Mostly because of the weather and climate in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankans and weather reporters suggest November to March is the best period to visit Mirissa. As the winter is also in the same period, tourists can enjoy the daytime with clouds and the nighttime with cool. The average temperature during this period is 31.2°C–29.4°C.
Top places to visit and top things to do:
The Secret Beach, Mirissa
Parrot rock
Coconut Tree Hill
Whales and dolphins watching
Snorkeling, surfing, etc.
Coconut Tree Hill: Coconut Tree Hill is a famous place to visit in Sri Lanka. Travelers who visit Mirissa won't miss this place. As the sunrise in Sri Lanka occurs from the east, you can capture some beautiful scenery with the sunrise from the ocean, so we recommend visiting this place at the sunrise.
Whales and dolphins watching: this is a great opportunity to see the biggest mammals on earth, the whales, in their natural habitat. Among the various whale species, you get a chance to visit blue whales, sperm whales, and fin whales. And you can also see dolphins. This boat tour starts from the Mirissa harbor around 6.15 am, and the boat tour will continue for 4 to“ 5 hours.

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