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Negombo is the second-largest commercial city in the western province, after Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo. Negombo is close to Bandaranaike International Airport, about 15 minutes drive. Negombo is a major tourist destination that is located at the lagoon's mouth and has a large and thriving fishing industry. Negombo is not only attracted by tourists; locals also visit Negombo for beach leisure. On most weekends, you can find Negombo a busy paradise. The beach here in Negombo is quiet, peaceful, and enjoyable. You should not miss the most exciting and beautiful part of Negombo. It's the nightlife of Negombo. The nightlife of Negombo is really beautiful and a little bit busy with various foods like fresh sea foods, various meats, and some more delicious Sri Lankan and foreign flavors.
Negombo is a city where any kind of tourist can stay and enjoy themselves. That means if you are a person looking for a luxury period, a budgetary stay with luxurious food, a person looking for unique things, etc., of all kinds, this is the suitable place. Not only that, there are beautiful sights to see and do.
Following are the things you can see and do in Negombo:
Negombo Fish Market (Fishing Village)
Boat Ride Dutch Canal 
Festivals and events in Negombo
Fisherman's Festival
Hit the beach.
Cruise down the Hamilton Canal
Bird watch in Muthurajawela
Explore the old Dutch fort.
Tour Negombo city by tuk-tuk
Taste delicious Sri Lankan cuisine.

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