Nuwara Eliya - The Little England

 Nuwara eliya, Little England, Tea plantation

Nuwara Eliya is known as Little England, because it’s cool climate in whole year and due to colonial-era bungalows. Nuwara eliya is located at the central of Island which is full of hills and tea. Tourists who visit Sri Lanka never miss this beautiful Little England from their itinerary. This because you can visit many beautiful places at the same time even though you are not roaming in Nuwara eliya you can enjoy the climate by staying in only one places.

This area is suited to any kind of tourist, it means if you are a pilgrim there are pilgrimage places to visit such as Seetha Amman temple, Sri Bhaktha Hanuman temple, Seetha gardens, Ravana falls, Ravana caves and if you are a hiker or a freelance photographer, there are places like Pink post office, Sri Lanka’s highest mountain Pithuruthalagala, one of World’s Heritage Horton plains, Gregory lake, strawberry farms, Tea factories, Tea plantations, etc…

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