Pigeon Island, Coral reefs, Trincomalee, Nila

Pigeon island National park is one of the two marine national parks in Sri Lanka. Pigeon Island is situated 1 Km off he coast of Nilaveli in Eastern Province. Pigeon Island consists with two islands, as small pigeon island and large pigeon island. The large pigeon island is surrounded by a coral reef and small pigeon island is surrounded by rocky islets. In 1963 pigeon island is designated as a sanctuary and in 2003 it was re-designated as a National Park in Sri Lanka. This pigeon island contains some of the best remaining coral reefs in Sri Lanka. This is one of the protected areas affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

Most of the tourists, who visit North East of Sri Lanka, never miss this beautiful amazing place. Especially there are many water activities around the Pigeon Island. As it is away from the seashore, the tourists will take by a speed boat to the pigeon island and then you can do scuba diving, water motor boats, etc…  

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