Polonnaruwa - Historical Old City

Polonnaruwa World Heritage site, Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa City is one of the world heritage sites of UNESCO in Sri Lanka. Also, it is one of the greatest historical and archaeological sites in Sri anka. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa was a bustling religious and commercial trade hub during the golden era of King Parakramabahu I. During his reign, there were a lot of colossal buildings, spectacular parks, huge reservoirs, and tanks. You will be able to explore the remains of all these marvellous constructions, like temples, buildings, stupas, and monuments, at present times.
Top things to see in Polonnaruwa 
Royal Palace
Audience hall
Ancient swimming pool
Buddha figures at Vihara
Buddha statue at Lankathilaka
Rankoth Viharaya
Shiva devala
The scared quadrangle, etc.
Royal Palace: The King`s Royal Palace is a massive structure, measuring 31 m by 13 m, once including 50 rooms supported by 30 columns, as the archaeologists claim it was. Even today, it is quite an impressive building, such a big palace in those days without machines.
Buddha figures at Vihara: Gal Vihara is a group of four beautiful Buddhas in perfect condition, cut from one long slab of granite. Standing Buddha, reclining Buddha, sitting Buddha's 

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