Sigiriya - Lions Rock

Sigiriya rock, Sigiriya village, Sigiriya blo

Sigiriya is one of the most visited places in Sri Lanka due to the famous Sigiriya rock, one of the UNESCO heritage site in Sri Lanka. As the same time there are a lot more things to do in Sigiriya than first meets the eye. Sigiriya is the first destination mostly visited by travelers on their trips to Sri Lanka, and it remains one of the favorite places to stay in Sri Lanka. We don’t want you to miss out on some of the best experiences Sri Lanka has to offer, so following are the things that you have to do in Sigiriya.

Places to visit & Things to do:

·         Sigiriya Rock Fortress
·         Pidurangala Rock
·         Hire A Bike And Explore The Rice Terraces
·         Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride
·         Discover More At The Sigiriya Museum
·         Explore Kaludiya Pokuna
·         Village tour
·         Bullock cart ride
Sigiriya Rock fortress: It is a site of huge historical and archaeological importance, built on and around a massive column of rock that is nearly 200 meters high. At the top of the rock there are the ruins of an ancient palace. Mostly we recommend the sun rise time or sun set time are best to climb Sigiriya rock.

Village tour: one of another famous activity among travelers who visits Sigiriya. How travelers miss that when it gives you an organic fresh vibe of a rural village. It includes with a bullock cart ride as the first part then a banana boat ride and a nice vibe in a farmer’s house.

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