Wilpattu National Park

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Wilpattu is located 180 Kilometers north to the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo with native wild life within their habitats. And also, Wilpattuu situated in the northwest cost of Sri Lanka which is close to an UNESCO World Heritage site, The Sacred City of Anuradhapura. Wilapattu is the oldest and largest National park in Sri Lanka. In 1905 Wilpattu was declared as a sanctuary and in February 1938 it has upgraded to a National Park. Willpattu National Park is managed by Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) Sri Lanka and it covers an area of hectares 131,800

Wilpattua National Park is one of the most recommended tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The name of Wilpattu is originated from “Land of Lakes” meaning, because it has some 40 seasonal or permanent lakes and they are known as Villu rimmed by sand dunes or sandy plains.

As I mentioned earlier, Wilpattu is one of main tourist destination, you will be able to witness Leopards, Elephants, Bears, Deer, Crocodiles, Reptiles and many verities of birds. And also, there are conditions when you are going on a safari for the tourists safety, Do not feed animals or take any material from the park, Observe strict silence at wildlife sightings during your wildlife safari, do not leave your vehicle, lean out of the window or climb on the roof, only leave your vehicle in designated locations- such as Kumbuk Vila and Kudiramale, leave your footprints only, do not throw rubbish out of your vehicle, please take all the garbage back with you, smoking inside the park is strictly prohibited, only 4 x 4 vehicles are allowed inside the park and they have to maintain a maximum speed limit of 25 km/h, slow driving enables you to observe small animals such as birds, reptiles and mammals, please ensure that your driver does not obstruct other vehicles or interfere with animal movement.

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