Beruwala Beach

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A short drive away from Colombo, Beruwela is a charming coastal town in the south of Sri Lanka. A topdestination for sunny holidays and water sports, Beruwela also has a rich cultural heritage, owing to the large Muslim population as well as other communities that make this town their home, making fishing and gem trade their primary livelihoods.

The first Arab traders, who arrived in Sri Lanka in 1024, are believed to have settled in Beruwela. The stately mosque, Kechimalai Mosque, is an icon of the generations of Moors who have lived in this town and is the oldest mosque in Sri Lanka. During the festival of Aid, grand celebrations take place at this mosque. There are also many other historic religious sites to explore in Beruwela, including Kande Vihara Buddhist temple and Sri Kalyanarama Maha Viharaya.

The most vibrant of spectacles is found on the blue waters that lace this town, when fishermen of the area draw into the harbour in their colorful boats after a long night out at sea. The golden beaches are perfect for soaking up some sun whilst exhilarating water sport activities, such as water skiing, parasailing, windsurfingand diving, can be arranged for those seeking fun and adventure.