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Learn about the intricacies of typical Sri Lankan village lifestyles and culture whilst making a meaningful contribution to the community you visit? It is with these concepts that are Tours developed the ‘Live Like a Local’ projects in partnership with individuals from a rural village in Sri Lanka. The financial support and commitment of Tour for Sri Lanka Tours has enabled these locals to setup projects which will bring sustainable economic benefit to their communities. Travellers are given the rewarding opportunity to live in a typical village community, in chalets which provide basic but clean and comfortable accommodation. The heart of the experience is to interact and integrate as far as possible the local community by joining in the every day chores around the village. Whilst the accommodation will not have ‘star’ classified amenities and luxuries, this is a chance for travellers to gain a deep understanding of a foreign culture, while making friends and forming relationships that could last a lifetime.

The first of the Tours For Tours Live Like a Local, experiences, Tamarind Gardens was launched in 2012 in the village of Digana, which is located 20 kilometers from Kandy. Tamarind Gardens is a small domestic farm located on the banks of the Victoria Reservoir, consisting of 10 cows, poultry and a fruit and vegetable garden. Visitors can either assist in the maintenance and care of the farm or join in on any one of the many cottage industries which are run out of the homes of the local villagers. These include learning how to make your own incense sticks to take back home as an exotic reminder of your Sri Lankan adventure, or trying your hand at making a piece of unique Kandyan jewelry. Travellers can also join in or learn about the preparation of local food.